The company which posseses experiences in general contracting and overmanning for years, opened its office in Budapest at the beginning of 2008. Our unconcealed purpose was to bring forth a new generation in designing and carrying out qualitative low-energy and passive architecture. We intend to be decisive participants of this sector both in Hungary and internationally in the long run.

We behoove the general contracting and designing overmanning of small, middle and big projects, in co-operation with colleagues of architecture, specialist contractor, passive architecture consultant and constant contributors, from the basic conceptions to the turnkey operation, keeping to the harmony with constructed and natural environment and the environmentally sound opting of materials that provide environmentally friendly and pleasant usage of the buildings.

The company is  studiously concerned with maintainable architectural possibilities and solutions which are efficient in  power-handling capability input and environmentally friendly. VLM prepares surveyings and monographs of extant buildings, and opportunities of  energy saving resurrection of buildings. We analyze the potentials of using renewable energy sources, reviewing several alternative prospects.

The office is a constant associate of the Hungarian Passive House Association ( MAPASZ ), in which it has extended connections with specialist contractors and professional contractors.

In addition, we aim to be at our costumers’ service in designing and exicuting of low-energy houses as an interdisciplinary supplier to provide them all the services that are closely connected with construction to save time and money.